Poker in other Languages – German – French – Spanish

Poker software is available in many countries around the world. Poker an especially big craze in South America and Europe, however many Asian countries still consider this game as taboo and thus it has only touched China and further east in Asia.

Brazil, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, and France are among the most curious countries about poker. Poker Players in these countries hold their own tea-time and bar-house tournaments to keep up with the pace of the game. Online poker software has helped interested people make their own winnings.

To make the game easy for foreigners, most software even has a lobby section with different language options. This way a Spanish player can play with an American using Spanish language for ease of play. This has made the software very popular around the world.

German keywords

Terms like boat and river are common for poker players in all games. However there are certain terms that are specific to certain languages only. “Bezeichnung” means bad beat; “Jawohl, sir!” means “well done, sir!” and “spielkapital” means bankrolling. These are not uncommon terms in a general game, but when Germans play with each other online, such terms may confuse non-German speaking players and arouse their curiosity. In most poker applications, the actual cards are displayed and not text, so there is no translation issue there. Other languages also get translations of the interviews and tips from world renowned players.

Spanish keywords

Spanish players also have their own terminology when playing. Here, pasar would stand for check, escalera would be raise and four of a kind is actually referred to as poker. With the help of most popular software, a player may play Poker using Spanish language. This way every time a raise is made, a Spanish speaking player would have escalera flashing on his screen. He won’t have to waste time searching for translations when trying to play.

Spain has given many true champions of poker over the years and they have all started using Spanish terms, before graduating to English.

French keywords

French keywords are a bit awry going by the twists in the language. It is almost impossible to guess what they would be saying by a non-French speaking person. French language is also available as an option on many software and this is greatly appreciated by the French players.

A pair is referred to as deux cartes ayant la même valeur; whereas a long shot is called jouer une partie malgré peu de chances de succès. It seems onerous to follow the game in French language, one who did not speak the language would assume. However, this has not deterred a bevy of players coming from France into Las Vegas to play their favorite games.

Brazilian keywords

Brazil has recently given a WSOP winner in Las Vegas. The online software attracts more players using the language as a catch to lure in people who have a love for gambling. Portuguese is the main language spoken in Brazil. Here bad beat would mean perda grave, dinheiro actual would signify bankroll and big blind is referred to as aposta grande. Players find it fascinating to play with their native language as means of communication, and usually find it much easier to learn the game.