Poker Lessons and Courses

Poker has exploded into one of the most famous card games. Its popularity throughout the world is rivaled only by flush and rummy; which are both household card games. Poker’s fascination is due to its immense involvement with gambling and casino.

Of course, not everyone can visit the grand casinos at Las Vegas and a few other select cities in USA and South America. To reach out to all who love gambling, many top level casinos are preparing gaming software that can be bought online. This makes it easy for anyone to play from the confines of one’s home.

Poker Academy

Poker Academy is one such quality software. It focuses on the Texas Holdem variety of poker. However there are Omaha and No limits pots too, and the software gives easy access to numerous poker rooms. There is space for freerollers and cash players. Players can play fast rakes per hour.

The academy invents new tools to make software play sociable, which is something that many players find attractive about playing online. Poker Academy Prospector and Poker Academy Pro are just a few examples. There is a guide offered to help a relative newcomer and input is given by the top players of the game.


Poker Academy has great connections with top banks and financial institutions. It also works with major credit card including MasterCard and Visa. There have been a few anti-gambling laws by the government to stop the codes given to gambling transactions. Not to worry, however, because Poker Academy gets ones investment safely through. While playing, one does not have to worry about transaction loops, whether he wins or loses.

Still, if a player feels he has got a raw hand, the academy has a set customer care to file the grievances. It is not a surprise that there are more compliments about their customer service than there are complaints.

Poker Videos

Poker Academy provides a number of videos on professional poker matches and championships. The new players can learn a lot looking at the bets wagered on sort of cards the professionals are holding. There is also an emphasis on reading the reactions and expressions of players while raising or holding. This makes it easier for new players to learn the art of bluffing from knowledgeable players.

Over the years, there have been some very fascinating games played on the poker table. It is great to check these videos and make a mental note. There are interviews too that provide an insight into how certain professionals play the game.

Poker Forums

Poker Academy has a special coverage section for forums and blogs. It invites new players, visitors and laymen to write their views on the matter at hand. The new inventions of poker game are carefully discussed by well-known players. Annie Duke is a regular writer for Poker Academy Forum.

Forums are also a great method if interaction through the question and answer sessions. Sometimes, the poker celebrities make them available for routine enquiries by poker fans. By following the forum, you will learn a lot about the vagaries of the game.


There are bonuses and prizes for referrals, and regular players get great offers once in a while. Good performers in free roller tournaments are sometimes sponsored by the academy itself to participate in cash tournament to make the game more enticing for other players.