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When it comes to poker you must first learn how to play the game before placing your first real bet. There are many ways you can do this online and one of the best places to do it is against other people from around the world is at FullTilt.net Take on thousands of other beginners and build the confidence first before actually focusing on building a bankroll. Information on the site and in the forums offered by FullTilt.net will also help you understand strategy and the different games to play, including ring and multi-table tournaments..

This is spelled as one word 100BONUS.  Capitalization is not relevant.

This is spelled as one word 100BONUS. Capitalization is not relevant.

Games Offered

You can find most of the games at Fulltiltpoker.net as you would if you were at FullTiltpoker.com. The only real difference is real money and play money. You can play cash games with play chips, which includes, Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz, and 7 Card Stud. You can also play in Sit and Go tournaments, which can comprise of many different players going after the first place prize. Each game has rules on the web site, so if you feel lost, you can find almost every thing you need. Now, you may be concerned about your strategy and how to win. There is another feature on here that may help.

Playing with the Pros

You can seriously play with some of the big names in the sport such as Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, and Chris Ferguson. You can chat with them and learn the way they play. This could give you some insight on how to be a better poker player. The FTP pros clock over 1500 hours a week online, I’m sure you will be awake for some of those hours.

Download the FullTiltPoker.net software and start not only playing with the Pros, but beating them as well.

FullTiltPoker.net Download

FullTiltPoker.net Download

FullTiltpoker.net FreeRolls

Once you think you are ready the next step to real cash games is playing in some poker freeroll tournaments, which are offered several times a day at different times. The FullTilt.net lobby will have all the freerolls listed. Don’t expect to win a freeroll with thousands of people in it, but you can expect to see the action and people going after the real money. If you should be so lucky you can then try to build a bankroll off the money made in the freeroll.

As for the Bonus code. You will want to use the same bonus code on Fulltitpoker.net as you would on Fulltiltpoker.com. The bonus code or referral code is 100BONUS This official referral code give you the 100% up to $600 deposit. Only make the deposit when you feel that you understand the game and think you can win.

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The FullTiltPoker.net download is fairly small so the downloading will only take a few seconds over a high speed connection. With one of the highest rated software applications in the industry it will be hard for you not to be happy with your experience with FTP. Good luck and have fun.