Full Tilt Steps Tournaments

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FullTilt decided to add Steps to the their tournament menu.  Obviously if you have the money entering a big buy-in poker tournament is no problem.  In this day in age you are looking to make a move to bigger tournaments and bigger cash prizes with less money.  We would like to introduce you to STEPS.

You can enter FullTilt Poker Tournaments for as little as $3.30 and move up to some really big games.  Each tournament will have variations in prizes.  The step prizes will allow you to move up one after the other.  Other prizes include buy-ins to the same level you just player or even the level below where you currently exist.  Either way your chances are pretty good to make a move.

Here is a breakdown of how it works according to FullTilt. Click here to see it for your self.

Step 1 – 1st and 2nd win a Step 2 ticket; 3rd, 4th and 5th win a Step 1 ticket

Step 2 – 1st and 2nd win Step 3 ticket; 3rd and 4th win a Step 2 ticket; 5th wins a Step 1 ticket

Step 3 – 1st and 2nd win a Step 4 ticket; 3rd and 4th win a Step 3 ticket; 5th wins a Step 2 ticket; 6th and 7th win a Step 1 ticket

Step 4 – 1st and 2nd win a Step 5 ticket; 3rd and 4th win a Step 4 ticket; 5th and 6th win a Step 3 ticket

Step 5 – 1st and 2nd win a Step 6 ticket; 3rd and 4th win a Step 5 ticket; 5th and 6th win a Step 4 ticket

Step 6 – 1st and 2nd win a Step 7 ticket; 3rd wins a Step 6 ticket; 4th and 5th win a Step 5 ticket; 6th and 7th win a Step 4 ticket

Step 7 – Prizes vary

It may seem a little confusing, but you’ll figure it out eventually.  FullTilt is a real innovator in creating new ways to play.  This is just one of those new ways to get your game going for $3.30.

Rush Poker

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Now it’s time to play poker faster than you ever thought possible with the innovation of Rush Poker by Full Tilt Poker. This allows you to just keep playing rather than waiting for hands to finish. This is multi-tabling at it’s best. You literally sit in and play the hand with a pool of other players. Once folded you are randomly sent to another table in a random position. You have to see it to believe it.

Is this for every one? No. Is it fun? Yes. Will it replace multi-tabling? No.

Will this make changes to the industry? Yes. A lot of people will enjoy this action because you can complete more hands in an hour than ever before. This is some really cool stuff and you should try it to see if it is for you. If you are new to online poker be sure to use the BONUS CODE = 100BONUS to get your free cash.

To get started Click Here.

Tournaments at Full Tilt

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Although they boast a huge range of quality tournaments, Full Tilt Poker prides themselves on cash games. This is because of the sheer amount of professional players that play at the cash tables, and therefore draw thousands of players to the tables. The biggest tournament attraction hosted on Full Tilt Poker is the FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series). It was made to be the online World Series of Poker, with a series of tournaments taking place of a month or so, with various buy-ins and game types. The event has been running for several years, rapidly increasing in popularity. In recent years they have also created a Mini FTOPS, for players with lower bankrolls who still want to take part in the action.

Overall, the tournament selection and quantity available at Pokerstars makes this competition a one horse race. Although, if you prefer tournaments with average sized fields, Full Tilt Poker may be the site for you.

Making a Tournament Deal

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Last night I watched a little bit of greed cost a couple of players $1,000’s because they were being pretty ridiculous.

Late in the poker tournament when there are just a few players left and the payouts are super high, there is always someone that wants to make a deal.  In this case there were four players left.

1. United States – Hidden1s

2. New Zealand – Kiwidownunder (fitting right?)

3.  French – dscoa

4. Norway – -AAelTigre

The chip stacks were are all pretty close with the short stack being off by the most, but totally still in it.  The prize pool for this tournament was:

1. $123,491 2. $79,926 3. $59,339 4. $44,807

It turns out that the Chipleader at the time was in control.  The numbers were spread pretty well if you ask me, but the 4th place guy, who was the short stack, decided he wanted more.  So for about 20 minutes the lame bickering continued.  The three leaders were giving the French guy a lot more than he should have been offered in the first place.  He didn’t accept the deal.  He felt like he was going to win the tournament.

The Deal offer came down to this:

1. $80k

2. $75k

3. $72k

4. $70k

Obviously a big difference between 1st and 4th, but the difference was small when you could end up in 4th taking home $44k.  That is $26k guaranteed whether you stop right now or not.  The most outspoken guy, just wanted a deal.  He was willing to give up a few grand just to make the deal happen.  By the end of this dealing the French guy, said no go.  They continued playing.  Of course you know in poker things can change in a heart beat.  I watched the French guy donk off several hands in a row.  They kept offering the deal, but no takers, so it closed out just like you would think.

The original chipleader when the dealings were taking place, ended in 4th place.  Instead of $80k he got the $44k.  Sucks for him.  The French guy ended in third with a take home of $59k, which is better than 4th place, but he still ended with $11k less in the end.  It turns out, the two guys in the middle, who were being very fair during deal making finished in first and second place.  They didn’t get greedy.  They made an deal/offer right away.

1st – $108k

2nd – $95

Let's Make a Poker Deal

These two guys made out real well in the end, but it just shows you that being greedy over a small percentage is not worth it sometimes.  Although it was still a nice payday, how long do think the low ballers are going to be kicking themselves for?

Tournaments September 18 – 20 2009

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We had some decent action this past weekend. More than one player walked with over $100K.

The biggest tournament of the weekend was the $1 Million Guarantee. This $500 buyin tournament which a lot of people satellited in had a cool $1.238 million dollar cash pool. GDluck took home $227,111.10 to boot. It was well run and have over 2400 entrants.

Full Tilt Poker One Million Guarantee

Full Tilt Poker One Million Guarantee

The MiniFtops event hosted by Eli Elezra was a great hit with over 14,000 entrants and $721K in cash prizes. The winner, noitall611 walked away with $110K. Not bad. All these poker tournaments host by Full Tilt Pros have nice payouts.

Mini FTOPS Event Eli Elexra

Mini FTOPS Event Eli Elexra

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