Full Tilt Poker Professionals

Full Tilt Poker is the rising star in the world of online poker, thanks to the exceptional gaming arena and great features like giving the chance to new player to learn the skill directly from the professionals. Ultimate Bet was the first site that gave a chance to its players to interact with the poker professionals but the services offered by Full Tilt poker pros take the glory away from the Ultimate Bet. Full Tilt poker pros allow the poker player not only to chat with the poker professionals but also promote great learning by allowing players to play games with professionals.

Know more about Team Full Tilt

Full Tilt poker pros are the members of “Team Full Tilt”. The Team Full Tilt list includes a number of outstanding poker professional players that are responsible for promoting this Full Tilt poker game and actually take part in some of the ring games and tournaments that are held on the site. While visiting the game section of the Full Tilt you may be greeted by the site of one of the team members of Full Tilt poker pros that is available to answer even the silliest of the question and also ready to play a low stake game against anyone that wants to take a chance. Though you also have the chance to be a part of the game where Full Tilt poker pro Phil Ivey is playing for thousands of dollars. Full Tilt poker pros are also responsible for managing the websites message boards and also coming up with regular informative articles, vodcasts or podcasts on poker strategies.

Full Tilt Poker pros that are members of Team Full Tilt

Here are some of the Full Tilt Poker pros that are there to make the things easier for you as you visit this online poker website:

    One of the most prominent members of this team is the professional poker player Howard Lederer. Known for his passion for the brain game chess and studious looks this Full Tilt Poker pro is also called as Professor.
    One of the most incredible Full Tilt Poker pro that takes the online poker to higher levels is Phil Ivey.
    It is possible to make $10000 dollars from nothing by participating in Full Tilt Poker freerolls and this was amply proved by World Series of Poker champion Chris Jesus Ferguson.
    You too can master poker and play it professionally if you have the passion. This message is sent by sharp cookie John Juanda who earlier made living by selling bibles.
    James Bond of the world of poker Phil Gordon is also in the list of Full Tilt poker pros. An exception poker player, daring adventurer and computer genius, some people have it all.
    Owner of the World Poker Tour Fan site and the member of the MIT blackjack team, Andy Bloch is one Full Tilt Poker pro to look out for.
    Mike Matusow talks tough and plays even tougher at poker table winning big money.

You can even gain advantage of the knowledge offered by Full Tilt Poker pros by catching them live on Fox Sports Net series “Learn from the Pros”