Full Tilt Poker Commercials

Full Tilt poker formed by some of the leading names in the world of professional poker left no stone unturned to promote online poker among the masses. Besides forming Team Full Tilt comprising of all the who’s who of the poker world that would provide answers to all the players queries and provide information rich content on Full Tilt website, numerous measures were take to advertising further by coming out with TV programs and Full Tilt poker commercials featuring these experts.

After the success of Full Tilt poker commercial TV programs like Poker after Dark that was launched late night on NBC starting January 1st 2007 was initially presented by Shana Hiatt and Learn from the Pros that was aired on Fox Sports Net, short advertisement featuring professionals were launched. These Full Tilt poker commercials filmed on poker experts like Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and others were able to convince new players to try online poker by conveying message sometimes by using humor and at other time by giving useful tips.

Full Tilt Poker commercials featuring Professionals

Here are some of the popular Full Tilt Poker Commercials featuring professionals that are a part of the Team Full Tilt.

    Phil Ivey finding his wife cheating – Known as the Tiger Woods of the Poker world and winner of 7 World Series of poker bracelets and one World Poker Tour title, Phil Ivey is known for his tongue in cheek humor and passion for basketball when not dealing cards at table. This commercial featuring Phil Ivey finding his wife cheating was not well received by the masses. Unable to communicate the message in a clear convincing tone and ambiguous video later resulted in banning of this ad in various countries. Not one of the best attempts of Phil Ivey off the poker table.
    What The Books Say Featuring Chris Ferguson – Chris Ferguson is the ideal for millions looking for cracking the code to find success in the world of online poker. Being a book worm and following the theoretical moves in the world of poker may not always pay you rich dividends and this is exactly what is being conveyed in the commercial “what the book says”. Here Chris emphasize the fact that during the game a good player should always pay keen attention and should know when to make the move learnt from the book and when to follow your gut instinct.
    Gus Hansen says in his Full Tilt Poker commercial – “There’s always another hand” which shows that even experts cannot win some nights even though they feel they are at the top of their game.
    Professor as the world knows Howard Lederer because of his amazing acumen and studious looks in his commercial “I don’t need to see your cards” shares some amazing secrets that will help you emerge as a winner even if you are not aware of what card other players are holding.

There is something to learn from every Full Tilt Poker commercials, when to call it quits on a bad weather day and how you can make some good money by playing online poker. So enjoy these cool ads and get tempted to try Full Tilt Poker tournaments.