Full Tilt Online Poker Series

Full Tilt Open Poker Series (FTOPS) was innovated by the poker casinos. It was brought up to bring more people into the poker world. It is much alike the renowned WSOP series that consistently shows champions. It is hosted every year by a professional over a period of a week or more.

FTOPS -  August 5 - August 16 - $19 Million Guaranteed

FTOPS - August 5 - August 16 - $19 Million Guaranteed

It gives all interested players to try their hand in the qualifying rounds that start many weeks ahead of the real tournament. These qualification rounds are no cost and attract many newcomers and beginner players into the game. As the tables shrink, and the less knowledgeable players get kicked out the competition gets tougher.

FTOPS Standard

Only the best quality players make it through the qualification rounds, although there are sometimes a few exceptions. If one does not have the time to go through the qualification rounds, they can qualify by simply paying the entry fee. It generally is in the range of $100 to $1000 dollars.

However, most people either can’t afford to pay the fee or simply don’t want to. These players must take the harder route and get through the initial qualification rounds. Then when FTOPS starts, each day there are quite a few prizes to be won and at least one big rake-off. This brings some of the top players from around the world as the prize values are very impressive. The last count the prizes had reached 16 million dollars.

FTOPS Glorious Names

From Gus Hansen to Phil Gordon to Mike Matusow, renowned players the world over have each hosted FTOPS at least once. They have to share the prize money won with the FTOPS board. With such popular names participating, it is not hard to attract a high number of players into the tournament. Poker fans come in thousands and the money is earned through the pots and entry fees.

FTOPS posts its schedule in advance to give the aspiring players enough time to prepare. There are many varieties of poker at stake. No Limit Holdem attracts the lion’s share of players. Omaha, 7-card and HORSE are also available as play option. Players can pick which they want to play according to the prize money, player status and frequency of players.

FTOPS Number

Ever since the FTOPS started, it has had 12 tournaments. The thirteenth scheduled tournament is about to start. Logistics and advertisements have already been posted to encourages sponsors and businesses in the USA and other countries. The FTOPS is fast approaching the popularity of WSOP, which is an impressive feat.

With time, there are plans to expand their free roller tournaments and make it possible for even the remote countries to participate. The gambling laws become a big problem, however, as it is banned in many countries.